Col Perkins

Col Perkins has been working in the entertainment field for over 55 years.

His first venture into serious Rock & Roll bands came in 1967, when he formed a band called the Gathering, they performed on many TV shows and released no less than 3 "top 10" singles up till the early 1970's.

In 1980, Col formed a band with long time mate John Wallis (ex Gathering) called Wallis & Matilda, best known for their # 1 hit "Clancy of the Overflow".

Nowadays, Col primarily works as a solo performer within the extensive Morning Melodies and Retirement Village community arena. His many & varied shows include tributes to country legends John Denver, Glen Campbell and Kenny Rogers,and rock legends Cliff Richard, Col Joye & Johnny O'Keefe, there's even the Crooners Pat Boone, Perry Como & Nat King Cole.

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